Do you have a project you want to get on the market or just network with liked minded people?  I found a great web page on a company called Kickstart.  They are based in Greenport, Brooklyn NY.

From musicians to engineers and many other fields with startup projects their mission is to help bring creative projects to life.

Check them out at

Also remember deadline for awards from the Pauchon Foundation are due October 1, 2016.  Contact me directly for an application.


Do you know about the Freedom Chair?

The full name is the Leveraged Freedom Chair.  This wheelchair allows mobility on all types of terrain.  Developed especially for third world countries.  For more information Google Amos Winter @ MIT.

Will he win our next cash award or will it be YOU?  Contact me for more information on the fall award cycle.  Deadline to apply is October 1, 2106.


Can you hear me now?

Has anyone checked out the new In-Ear Device by Waverly Labs?  This ear bud translates languages for you in real time.

Do you know of any cool inventions such as this?  Pauchon Foundation is looking to give cash awards away.  Apply at or email me directly at

Deadline to apply is October 1, 2016.



Our last awardees can be very proud of the work they have accomplished for the betterment of mankind.

The Hallow Flashlight – no batteries needed. Fueled by the heat of one’s hand.  Amazing young inventor from Canada won our award.


The Wave Extinguisher – Fires can now be extinguished by sound waves.  Two recent college graduates worked on this as a class project and now have formed a company that is going worldwide.

Do you know someone who has contributed in the field of science, medicine or technology?  Visit or send that person to our website at

We are accepting applications for the fall award cycle.